How to install Emoticons

To get thousands of cool emoticons click here and download them. If you would like to learn how to install emoticons from this site read further.

First you need to save the image to your computer. You do that by right-clicking on emoticon you have just created. When you right-click one of this two menus will appear depending which browser you have, left one is in Internet Explorer and the right one is for Mozilla Firefox:

Right click

In that menu select Save Picture As... or Save Image As... like shown in the image above. Select the folder where you want to save the image, for example Desktop, and click the Save Button.

Now go to your main Windows Live Messenger window and click the Tools in the top menu. If you can't see the top menu shown in the bottom picture press the left Alt key on your keyboard.
Top Menu

When you click the Emoticons... in that menu like shown in the above image this window will appear:
Create Emoticon

Click the Create... Button and this window will appear:
Add Emoticon

In this window first press the Find Image... button and find the emoticon you saved in the top of this tutorial, for example if you saved it on the desktop you can just click the desktop on the left side of the new opened window. Now press OK in all opened windows and your emoticon is ready to be used in your Windows Live Messenger conversations.

Notice: You can delete the emoticon file you saved on the computer after you have completed this tutorial and after your emoticon is visible in the WLM conversation window