MyFace Emoticon Generator

Welcome to MyFace Emoticon Generator, the first free generator which will generate animated MSN emoticon with your face on it.

MyFace Generator is one of a kind animated emoticon maker where you can create emoticons for your Windows Live Messenger with your face.
This generator is absolutely free to use unlike similar generators and much easier to use.

Steps to generate MyFace:
1. browse for the image
2. select effect
3. click Generate button

STEP 1. - Browse:

Click the Browse Button
Image must be jpg, png or gif format, 2 MB max file size!

STEP 2. - Effect:

No Effect
Jump In MyFace
Jump In
Spin MyFace
Blink MyFace
Blink Fast MyFace
Blink Fast
Glitter Emoticon
Glitter 1
Glitter Emoticon
Glitter 2
Mirror Effect Emoticon
Snow Emoticon Maker

STEP 3. - Generate:

How to install?

Click here to see the tutorial how to install Windows Live Messenger emoticon into the Messenger.

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